I didn't even get dressed today or make my bed

I wonder if it’s too late now??? I really need to do laundry but I’m so unmotivated. Someone poke me in the pants.

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Its not too late!

I didn’t get dressed or make my bed until way after 11am today,

Something I normally do at 7am.

It takes little effort to throw on some laundry,

You can do it, @leafy!


I didn’t even put clothes on until lunch, and I just put on pajamas. 🤷

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I’m still in my pjs. Dropped off and picked up my kids in them. I wear old yoga pants and a giant tshirt so it’s really just clothes. They aren’t exactly clean lol.


My cat wore the same fur every day. Seemed to work out fine for her. I rarely make my bed :open_mouth:


Update - I’ve made my bed and started laundry but decided to stay in my pjs until clean ones are done then I’ll change into clean pjs lol. I thought it was a good compromise.


I can’t remember the last time I made my bed. Every now and then I turn the quilt over for being upside down but even that takes me a few days.

I have to get dressed for work though. When I work from home next year I might stop doing that too though.

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LS! Yes that is a gigantic problem. With me too. When I am doing not so great I lag behind with my personal hygiene and the cleaning of my house. Luckily I get help with both nowadays. I shower three times a week. But I have to clean my apnea machine. And sometimes I fall asleep without brushing my teeth.

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