I didn't do anything

I been looking back on my life. And think what trigger my schizophrenia. I didn’t even do drugs or anything…

It’s just some simple stupid events, and next thing I know I got schizophrenia…

My life is ruined, and I don’t even know what caused it…

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There might not be a cause. It could have been in your genes and at some point, it just activated.

Doesn’t have to mean your life is ruined, you can learn to live with it

I never did drugs either
Never even drank alcohol and got diagnosed age 18

Me neither and yet i’m :crazy_face: schizophrenic :crazy_face:

I didn’t use drugs either before I got Dx’d Sz, and I was Dx’d at age 32.
Sometime you get it because you drew the short straw.

Me either. Dx’ed at 14. One constant in life is that it isn’t fair. That’s why I can’t believe in a supreme being. But your life doesn’t have to be ruined.

I love you @Steveout !

I sometimes wonder how much of my schizophrenia is due to decisions I have made. I sometimes wonder how my life would have been if I hadn’t joined the army. When I joined the army it wasn’t too long after the Viet Nam War, and the army was is disarray. Morale was bad. Sometimes I think that if I hadn’t joined the army I would have become a lawyer with a high powered firm, and be just waiting for my kids to grow up before I blew my brains out. Then again, I might have become a professor working on his twenty-third book and be living in domestic bliss. I think I would have become an alcoholic even if I hadn’t joined the army. I guess we never know what would have happened if we did things differently. In 1980 I voted for Reagan solely for his military policy.