I did win but if I don't get the tickets today,

I am obviously not going :frowning:

How do you get the tickets. Are they being mailed? Do you have tracking?

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I am not sure. I emailed them. They said they have passed my details on to those who will send me the tickets… They have my address and I keep checking emails… fingers crossed :frowning:

Is that ticket u are getting iz for movies.

No it’s for the concert

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Whose concert ariana grande.??

Oopse adele…1515151515…

AR Rahman yuthgjjj

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Do u know which song he sings… slumdogs… jai ho…ring ring ringha…i like these songs too…

Bombay songs are timeless …

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Ish when iz ur concert of ar reheman .!!!

Tomorrow ————–—

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Enjoy man u r lucky…

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Hey you probably need to pick up the tickets at the concert

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Yes I got a phone call to collect them :smile: