I did something that's gonna bite me in the butt


I signed up on a dating site. I’m asexual. What the hell am I thinking! Oh damn and now a bunch of people want to text with me. Dumb dumb dumb arl. Oh ■■■■.


Oh geez. Can you cancel? :pig2::pig2::pig2:


Maybe subconsciously you are looking for that someone special.
Don’t be so hard on yourself.

I would give it a chance.


After 48 hours I can cancel


I just think there’s so many men who want too much


Yeah just be careful.


What country are you in? In my country there is a girls only plutatonic website to meet other girls as just friends.


I’m in Canada 15


Check out It works in Canada too


I’m sorry but I laughed a little .I may not be here tomorrow


It was silly to do. It is definitely funny. Why won’t you be here?


I never had any luck with dating sites, not many in my age group and both times all I got was married guys wanting to hook up, not what I’m into


Hitman.mexicans.people in. SUVs trying detonate chihuahua ■■■■ on the side of the bus.


Just try it! Some guys are still gentlemen. You could meet someone!


Don’t text them back. You don’t have to respond unless you want to. I met my husband online, and we’ve been married 10 years now! Sometimes it works!


I tried pof. Didn’t get any responses. Not many women my age. I was ambivalent about it anyway. I’m kind of asexual because of my meds.


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