I did some pushups and I'm making progress

Two months ago I did some pushups, I could do 1 or 2. Then one month ago I tried again, I could do 5.

Today I did 5x3.

I used to do 25x4 pushups when I was working out and before I got ill.

Perhaps I should start doing pushups every second day? I don’t know? I want to get in shape and lose my belly fat. I’ve been bedridden for 10 years now and I’m not making progress with this illness. Perhaps I should start working on my body?

Perhaps I also should stop taking as much meds as I do? I want to lower my zyprexa intake, with the docs supervision of course.

What are your thoughts regarding this?


I think increasing your exercise is a great idea.

I don’t think we should give you any advice on meds. I think this should be between you and your doctor. We don’t know what you need to stay stable.


The meds is a tough issue. But doc told me we could try to increase the vraylar and decrease the zyprexa. I wish I could stay on zyprexa but it has made me to a lethargic lump of fat. Sure, it was good combating the psychotic breaks I was having. But it came with a cost.

I really don’t know? Perhaps I should try to work out with the zyprexa in my system?

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I would not changes meds for weight loss.

The exercise is great. Good job.

What about eating - eat 3 meals a day 1500 calories?

Try to drink zero calorie beverages. Too.

This is exactly what I’m doing and I’m still gaining weight.

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I can do a few pushups. I do better with non body weight exercises as on olanzapine I have put on a lot of weight. 20 lb dumbbell bicep curls and overhead press are my fav, like feeling the burn.

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Don’t try to lose weight over night.

Just start with the exercise.
It’s good for you and if you see weight loss.
That would be a benefit.

Trying hard and fast weight loss will result in disappointment and failure.

I lost 25 this year. First six months barely lost much. But as i kept making healthy decisions. It started happening.

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Its not just that reducing calories on olanzapine is excruciating but also it affects metabolism and basically causes insulin resistance among other metabolic problems. Ive quit it a few times and even when I switched to invega I lost 60 lbs in the first 4 months of the switch. With olanzapine if you get the weight gain effect then pretty much the only way to effectively lose weight is to get off it

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Yeah, tell me about it! It’s a good med for psychosis, but otherwise sucky med. It ruins your body and makes you lazy.

I need to think about it. Coming off the med is a huge life decision. But I cant keep on buying new clothes every three months, having constant hunger, fatigue and whatnot.

Do you think lowering the med, (not coming off) could be beneficial for me?


IMO APs making us lazy is up for debate. We are all on different APs and a lot of us have symptoms Lazy like symptoms.

If you are thinking of lowering meds. Titration under doctor supervision is the only safe way. You might be able to function with lower meds - you might try and end up in the hospital.

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Yeah, that’s my biggest fear. Not only that, but starting all over again in my recovery process. I can say I’m 80% good.

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Lowering it could help. For me I tried other meds but they didn’t work out. Mainly because bad sleep and mood on other meds. My weight is stable albeit high I think I’m not gaining anymore. The weight gain effect only happened to me when first starting or restarting.

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Exercises everyday is good

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Exercising regularly is a great idea! But as far as your meds, talk to your pdoc and try to trust them

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Exercise is important but imo not as important as diet and nutrition.

Try to cut out added sugars and consume less carbs.

You can slowly combine the exercise with a healthy diet.

One step at a time


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