I did it -- i enjoyed!

i practiced piano tonight and i enjoyed myself thoroughly.

then i listened to some japanese rendition of pachabel’s canon and that too was great pleasure.

i hope you start the year with double enjoyment = not double trouble!!

hugs to y’all, judy


That’s great, Judy! I’m thinking that it’s weird how I can feel so bad sometimes or most of the time and like I’m well at other times.

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2022 should be a year of terrific 2’s, not terrible 2’s. Go, @ifeelblessed

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I listened to Taco Bell’s :taco:Cannon too - now I’m jonesin’ for a burrito :burrito:


Bringin’ the grrl power.

I like it.


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clap xx well done !!! clap :clap:t2: and go on and do some more!!

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I really love Nobuo Uematsu’s Final Fantasy piano songs. Wish I could play them!


Good for you @ifeelblessed. Glad you’re off to a good start.

good to hear you enjoyed it =)
i hope you find more of that

good to hear you enjoyed it =)

thanks so much for sharing and caring i hope you are enjoying also.

things were rough for me at work today. but i also went to the salon and got a hair cut. i just love it.

happy days coming for us all hopefully


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