I did it! :D

I did it!! :smiley:
Today, I loved myself; I felt beautiful.
I don’t need to change my body.
I ate sushi, I bought a new glass water bottle.
I’m giving up coffee for life-giving water.
I sweeten it with stevia drops.
I really feel good.


Sounds like euphoria.

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Yeah good for you! It’s a journey but have some fun and enjoy yourself on the way! You are so worth it!


I agree that you are well worth it.


Isn’t water so much better out of glass bottles? Don’t know why this is but it’s true.

You’re lovely and you should love yourself. Glad to hea r you did today.


My daughter had a glass water bottle she had just bought, and she put it in her backpack pocket. I moved her backpack to the floor not knowing it was in there. The next morning, she found it had rolled out of the pocket and broke on the kitchen floor. She didn’t remember that her backpack was not on the floor the day before. I am ashamed to say I didn’t confess. She has a temper…

Sorry I got off topic. I am glad you are happy. You ARE beautiful, and you deserve a nice water bottle. Just don’t leave it in a backpack pocket. :wink:

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My water bottle :two_hearts:

This is the sweet drops I use; I also have it in coconut and chocolate flavor :smiley:


You are worth it @wayward!
I’m happy for you!

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We did it, we did it, we did it yeahh! Lo esemos, lo esemos, loesemos yeah!!

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