I did good today

I made a to do list and marked off about half. I felt good feeling like getting things done instead of just spacing out on the couch most of the day. I did laundry, put it away, put away clean dishes, washed the cups in the sink (I use a lot of cups for some reason) , and made dinner in the slow cooker which is almost done. Should be good it is a cheesy chicken and broccoli dish I will serve with rice. Hope you all had a good day.


Thanks for the well wishes.

I had a good day.

I had a fun, believe it or not, work trial

Your meal sounds very nice and substantial


Good going @Owl82 !


Now I want cheesy broccoli chicken dish LOL. And I love basmati rice, it goes with almost everything


Come over I made too much lol

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At least I know we will have dinner and lunch for the next couple of days haha

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Iā€™m glad you had a good and productive day

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I love making casseroles and stir fries. They taste better than fish sticks and chips, and will feed me for several days

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