I developed a new language years ago

It has many nice pictures like this:

These pictures mean something.


Looks like ideograms. Nice try. Is it a fully developed language now?

If one knows the language, one can also speak in this language.


When I first read the title I thought you meant a programming language.

It is a Homo sapien language. :notes:

Very cool. Saw arrival last night and the protagonist was a linguist that was tasked with figuring out the alien language. Great film. They go into the Sapir–Whorf hypothesis. Really interesting stuff.

This is a fully formed sentence/paragraph.

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@mjseu I see your avatar is represented in this language. May I ask what your avatar means?

I’ve never developed a new language but occasionally find myself saying bursts of a nonsensical language(sounds like the Native American you hear on tv) to myself. Of course I have no idea what I am trying to say. I just get the urge to do it from time to time.

New age people call it ‘light language’, and christians call it ‘speaking in tongues’.

Christians today don’t speak in tongues in accordance with the Bible. They are deceived in believing this is a heavenly language.