I depend on my coffee maker

i depend on my coffee maker to keep me awake, i got a k cup coffee maker just basically a cheaper version of a keurig. my in laws bought it for me. i can make coffee, cappuchinos, and a lot of tea.sometimes it doesn’t work the greatest it needs to be cleaned with a descaling solution.

without coffee i am pretty much dead on my feet. i hate waking up without getting a cup of coffee or .tea.

one of the best things i have had from my coffee maker is mexican hot chocoa


Yes me too! I really really need my coffee to wake up. Some day I want to kick this habit though.

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i think i will never give up caffeine . i depend on it too much

@cbbrown, hello. I am a coffee addict… I drink more than a decilitre sometimes, the only problem is by night when I go to sleep, medication like Morfex lows heart rate (seems to be this way) and caffeine do not. I bought a “Moka” so I can drink more coffee and I feel very well drinking coffee.

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my therapist thinks its a good idea for me to drink coffee as long as its not to the point of staying awake all night.

I definitely depend on my coffee maker. It is very old but still churns out the coffee like an old trooper.

i drink a fair amount of coffee everyday and it helps me focus. I go thru withdrawls if i dont get a least a couple of cups in me.