I delivered a baby yesterday

Just something fun and exciting to share. I helped deliver a little baby girl while at my clinical rotation for nursing school. It was an amazing experience and very positive.


Wow here’s to you delivering many more beautiful little children into the world :heart_eyes:


Awesome Anna! :woman_health_worker::woman_health_worker::woman_health_worker:

Wow! That does sound amazing.

Yes that’s an amazing career you got
My mother was a nurse

Awesome. I have a personal love for nurses who help deliver and care for babies.

That’s awesome!!! Isn’t it amazing seeing the brand new little life in the world?! They’re so precious!!!

Well, congratulations. You have a stronger stomach than me. For some strange reason I’ll never know, when I was hospitalized 8 months the staff got a bunch of us in a room and showed us a film of a woman giving birth, nothing was censored. About halfway through I started feeling strange like I was going to pass out and I just walked out. I’m sorry but the miracle of birth is a disgusting mess to me.

Sounds Amazing @Anna!

That is truly special indeed. Do you think you will specialise in midwifery after this experience?

I was the same way when they showed us a video of a lady giving birth in school. I was so disgusted so when I got put on the labor and delivery unit I was dreading it the whole time. But being actually there was so different.


No definitely not! It was completely exhausting. And I think I would go crazy staring at a lady’s hoohah for hours every day :joy: but I am very glad to have had that experience that’s for sure.

I dont think anything could dissuade me from going into psych :slight_smile:

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Congrats Anna :slight_smile:

That’s so awesome!

Wow. So cool and rewarding! Well done to you and keep on keeping on!

I certainly think that’s wonderful you did that…I sure couldn’t…wow.

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