I decided to quit smoking


I hope I will… quit forever,

I downloaded app which counts how long I am smoke-free.

Overal I smoked 1 and a half pack :frowning: I feel terrible. No one around me smoked so much,

Wish me good luck!


Good luck to you! I hope you succeed.

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Good stuff I’m proud of you!! You’ll be over it in no time. Just think of how many years you’re adding to your life. You got this!

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Thanks a lot!! :slight_smile:

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Aww thanks! I hope that soon I’ll be over it!
Yeee, I wait for that moment when my health will improve :slight_smile:

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Best of luck :four_leaf_clover: with it.

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Thank you :pray: !!


Good luck. I quit about 4 years ago. Haven’t regretted it for a second.


Good luck.

I tried a cessation study at Rutgers/Robert Wood Johnson and learned cold turkey is the most often attempted strategy and also the most futile.

I also learned that hypothetical conversations take place in our minds as smokers quite often across the board.

Edit: the cessation study was strictly for schizophrenics…

The Great @everhopeful got me to try broccoli sprout extract in conjunction with the patch and it’s a modicum easier.

Never made a proper thank you.

P.S the smoking study was big on the skin patches and they also had conviction in using the brand Habitrol.

I wish you so much of the best. You have to really want it.


Wishing you good luck with this!


Best of luck with everything @BringMeCoffee

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Best thing I ever did for my health was give up smoking. You don’t miss it after a while even though it’s hard early. Truly. The positive things of smoking like increased cognition or focus are lost with it’s addictive properties so when you stop smoking after a big habit it gets easier to say no.

I could have a smoke today and I would feel sick. If I had half the pack I’d be a hopeless addict again. I’d rather live without. Good luck. It really is so good to do.


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