I create my problems

I know this much… a lot of my misery comes from my negativity… I want to change this but old thinking patterns are hard to break… its all I know . …im trying though its just tough

You have to create a set of affirmations that are properly formulated and tailored to your personal circumstances, and say these affirmations out loud when negative thoughts attack you.
Such a method works great for me.


Try to monitor when the negative thoughts arise, are they linked to certain activities or lack of them? I can get negative if I don’t excersise all day or for instance if I spend too much time online or watching tv. So I try to walk minimum 30 minutes a day and avoid having too much screen time, and replace it with analog activities like for instance: playing cards or reading a book.

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Yeah, negativity can get piled on a person. It can be a real stuggle to stay positive about things and keep together with alot of it. It can lead to long term mental issues too.


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