I crack myself up

So my sis is on duty somewhere and through the magic of the internet on her shift change time, gave a glance at this site and saw this in my post…

:coffee: :coffee: :coffee: :coffee: :coffee: :coffee: :smoking: :pill:

She called and asked… how in the world did you get six full cups of coffee out of our tiny new coffee pot?

I told her… Well, Jesus turned water in to wine… I turn water in to coffee :laughing:

Is this a delusion or am I hilarious?


I made some coffee too, but I had to get it first from the store. The prices of coffee have also increased quite a lot. I do not believe that Jesus ever turned water to wine, but it requires 30 litres of water, six kilos of sugar, few litres of aronia berry juice and some yeast, it works very well.


Both! Lol…

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He might have had more sober results if he’d turned wine into water.

He blew a .02. Twice the legal limit.