I couldn't see beyond my own nose, anyway

It’ s no wonder I had a nervous breakdown. It was in the cards. I didn’t play them right and had no help.
Anyone else feel their psychosis was as inevitable as a train wreck?


Psychosis: Some of it is on me!

I don’t know what you mean. Can you say it in other words?

Yeah, but only after it happened.

I was under a lot of stress when it started for me. I’ve wondered if it would have eventually happened even without so much stress.

I got my psychosis the old-fashioned way. Too many bad trips on LSD.

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Well if it was in the cards,

I had a difficult childhood. I could have made it less difficult than I did.

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Is that true for everyone. to some extent?

I think the difference is that some people feel confident that they can get help if they get in a jamb whereas we feel we will be scolded or rejected.

Not a good way to teach a kid.
Sometimes I think about how between age 0 - 5 is when we learn to be a person. The groundwork is laid.

Life is very confusing to little ones. At least, it was for me. I felt my parents wanted to kill me and they almost did.

Did you have any one to share being a kid with?
Sometimes I think about when my brothers would take all the sheets and blankets. and drape them over furniture like tunnels and rooms. I didn’t belong but was allowed play. for awhile.
Some psychologists believe that our relationship with brothers and sisters affected. how we fit in.

My parents were jealous when we kids had fun and they’d put a stop to it. My father used to say “Someone always gets hurt.”

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