I couldn't say what was on my mind because

I didn’t know I had a mind. I’d lost it. I’m a person.

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My mind is blank. I can’t access my thoughts.

Are they destructive? What was the last thought you remember?

death. I think they are destructive thoughts.

It is healthy to think about death. The pdoc who thought it was unhealthy was just scared. Just because we don’t have all the answers to what happens then doesn’t mean that it’s not inevitable. I went to school with the town’s mortician’s children, Talk about stigma. I confess I looked askance at them. That is something to overcome. People don’t like us to talk about getting old, either, but if I don’t slow down and adjust to it, I am going to be the fool - like not being careful and breaking a hip. So have the courage to think what you want and need to think.


Right—Slow Down!