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I hate to be a realist about this, but there can be a cynical side to some people who claim to self identify as targeted individuals. It obviously can be used as a manipulation.

Nope not trying to manipulate anybody. It’s just a fact.

Ya I can be very set in my thinking. I’ve experienced a couple of negatives that way you know.

It’s not delusional thinking on my part, I’m 100% certain.

Fair enough…

It’s not consistent with recovery on this website, so many times it is locked down, highly suspect, or criticized until it is buried. But thanks for your post.

Ya…fair enough.

And your proof of it is?


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Body snatchers, Pixel. Good morning to you.

Still waiting for proof.


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I’m waiting for compensation.

If you were in my shoes, you would know, and knowing is proof.

I might be mentally ill, but I’m not stupid.

Ya… It’s very important.

I’ll be voting against anyone getting compensation for BS claims as I’m the one footing the bill (overburdened taxpayer).

I was also in your shoes at one time. I knew I was being targetted by ETs despite not being able to offer proof. Then I got my meds sorted and realized the reactor core of my brain had sprung a leak and was leaking dreams into my daily consciousness

Genius is useless when acting on bad data, which is what your broken mind is providing you with. You’d have a happier existence if you invested the time you waste on moaning about targeting online into recovery instead. That would be the intelligent thing to do.




That’s a form of bullying sir.

As you well know.

And the actual fact is you do know this.

I call it encouraging someone to engage with recovery and live a better life with less suffering.

The policy of this community is that targeting is to be discussed in a recovery context. Those who are unwilling to are encouraged to take their topic to targeting communities instead.

End of discussion.

(Wearing moderator hat)

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