I could’ve won tickets this morning

On the 30 second song challenge it was all Pink Floyd songs. So freaking easy!!! The girl got stuck on learning to fly but I knew them all right away!!! It’s when they give 30 seconds on the clock they play the beginning of a song and u have to guess the songs title. You have to get 6 right. It was so easy because it was all Pink Floyd. I realize today how I’m such a big fan of them…


On the same radio station they have cash prize giveaways three times a day. It’s usually you listen to the station at certain times for they keyword you text to a number and you’re entered for a chance to win $200 and sometimes they give away 200,000$. ??? How does the station afford this?? It’s sponsored by Mazda but still… I have entered three times but haven’t won anything…

But the fact is: no Stockhausen, no Pink Floyd, no Stockhausen, no Velvet Underground or Yes, certainly no Brian Eno. Probably no Radiohead either.

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