I could never get away from the idea that money is somehow criminal

I guess it’s the idea of having to be a salesman. You have to convince someone they need something they never needed before. I hate money.

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Well money helps to keep humans from killing each other for resources.


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I have had periods in my life when I had no money. I have had periods in my life when I had a lot of money. I found that having money makes life easier and it’s better than not having money.

The key word there is “usually”. Because people go to war for power or money or both.

I work in sales. with each and every shift I have to convince people that they need a newspaper. it’s a dying art (the newspaper, not sales) and more and more are ditching the physical paper for the electronic one. no one needs the paper but i’m still able to pull-in a good number of sales every night. I hate money too, unless I have some.

I hate money, but that could just be because I never have any

money is an illusion forced upon us by imperialism to bond us to the belief we need the warlord d___weeds.

Or an auctioneer is evil.