I could have told so, immigrants and schizophrenia

My sz was developed in the 1990s when I was an immigrant in the USA. It started with little voices in my mind and evolved to much worse so that even at the divorce hearing court room I received voices from Bill Clinton saying me to ‘take the 5th’, it is the 5th amendment in the US constitution.


Sometimes these voices from Bill Clinton have been helpful. I received the divorce complaint in one Friday evening and in the next morning I was driving to Miami and planned to stay there for some time, but then again on the voice of Bill Clinton I had a voice ‘Summons’, I had not read these in this divorce complaint and after reading these I changed my plan to stay in Miami and headed back to Atlanta to have the divorce battle. This really happened,

Sometimes the life is just weird. After the divorce in Atlanta I headed to Miami and in one evening I met a young man on the beach of Miami Beach and we had a small fire on the beach. He was the 1st Gulf War veteran and told me that he can do anything for the benefit of Bill Clinton, and then he asked beer, I did not have any because I lived in my auto. And soon he left, but I know who becomes the next President of the USA, Hillary Clinton. It is obvious here that nobody likes any Republican candidates. Thumbs up.

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She’s running on a conservative platform, but that’s not a bad thing. Maybe the white male will never get the presidential seat back.