I could go to the store buy a 24 ounce of budweiser so easily and get away with it

I describe addiction as you’re a ■■■■■■■■■■■■■ donut and you have this hole in your entire being, so you look for drugs and alcohol to fill that hole. Easier for me to understand than explain, but you can never have enough…I don’t necesarrily disagree with the “addictive personality” thing, or agree with it either. It’s more like you have this hole that you’re trying to fill. Whether that be tobacco, alcohol, drugs, caffeine, sex…I like drugs the best but alcohol is what triggers me. It will always be there if I’m not content with life…but for now I wanna be sober. One day at a time. Even if I was in heaven and I was enlightened I’d still have this insatiable hunger for drugs/alcohol, to try to build myself up. I never said “this isn’t fun”, I never stole to get high, I never had physical health problems. But I’m going to school. And won’t be able to graduate all stony and wasted. And that’s my goal. One day at a time. I was at 2-4 beers a week before I quit and my life was good, I didn’t hit rock bottom, I did it for myself. Just needed to get that off my chest. /Rant

i look at it a bit differently, whatever you take away, you must replace. or you will always have a hole. thats my thoughts. example, Minus Drinking, Add Mountain Biking. Minus drugs Add the Gym, Minus Hookers Add Learn Academics, etc etc… it works but its not perfect by anymeans. works for me though! look for positive things to replace your addictions and stick to it the best ya can.
and don’t let the idea of ‘‘im missing out’’ get to you, cuz you aint missing out on the party scene or experimenting. that stuff is bogus

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Maybe that’s true. Replacing things to help mask the displacement of the drugs/alcohol. It could never fully do the job for someone who LOVES LOVES drugs/alcohol. You can tell me it’s bogus but I disagree. But I was born with the hole is what I was trying to say. It’s like I was born dead and alcohol and drugs brought me to life. But you can live without it…just gotta work really hard/work a program.

oh i was saying the party life is bogus. its just a waste of ones potential. one of my relatives is just hardcore alcholic like massive garbage bags full of hard alcohol containers where he lives. just non stop. but hes been going sober recently , struggling a lot though. hes in his 40s been like that since 15. he thinks he wasted a lot of time doing it , played in a band in bars for many years rockstar lifestyle sorta thing.