I could go to the store buy a 24 ounce of budweiser so easily and get away with it

but why give it all up now???

if i drink 1 i’ll only want more…maybe not tonight, but probably tomorrow.

the other night i was staying at my parents house and they have this liquor cabinet and i could’ve stolen alcohol sooooo easily, but why give it up now?? I’ve come too far.

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Trust me, you never get away with it. You’ll get caught at some point.

I guess in retrospect you’re right.

Depends what reality you choose to live in. The blurred, incoherent one…or the peaceful, engaging one you’re living in now.

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Well …think practically…24oz of bud?..

Whats that REALLY going to do for you?

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There was a guy in my group about 20 years ago who was drinking on the sly. He couldn’t buy booze locally so he would drive about an hour away. And he couldn’t wait to get into the sauce, he would drink it on the way home.

One winter he was half lit on the way back from a booze run and hit the ditch in a snowstorm. A trucker stopped to give him a lift, but Barney had forgotten his hooch in his car, so he went back to get it. Got nailed by a car doing the regular speed along the highway despite whiteout conditions and died instantly. And THAT’S how we all found out he was still drinking despite claiming several years of sobriety and sponsoring newcomers.

Alcohol IS “cunning, baffling, and powerful.” Let it back into your life in any form and it will bend you over and ■■■■ you in the backside. Not kidding.


Make the football game more enjoyable…But the cons outweigh the pros

That’s really quite sad

When Robin Williams started drinking again after a long dry stint, his line was…

“Welcome back, a$$hole.”

It was pretty devastating at the time and also in the years that followed.

That’s right turningthepage stay strong.

You can get through it. It’s just a craving. You’re starting college soon, and starting a whole new life. You want to be in the best possible shape for it!

Oh wow the urge must still be there and pretty strong.

I think deep down you don’t really want it JJ. You’re better than that.

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It was a slight craving, not too strong, I just needed to enunciate my thoughts to people so I know I wouldn’t do it. I could’ve called my sponsor but lazy. Posting this thread worked just fine.


I went 9 months no drinking then in June I went to a cabin with buddies. Pressured a lot to drink so I said fine. Got drunk immediately. Then I got drunk again the next day.

Didn’t feel bad about I just was surprised by the peer pressure.

Havnt drank since. I’ve felt couple urges here and there.

I don’t think I’m an alcoholic though. Just used binge drinking as an escape


Second time you’ve mentioned getting drunk. Are you having a hard time of it lately? maybe an alternative reward might be the go or contacting a past sponsor if a member of the aa crew.

Doesn’t sound like you are. Without medication I couldn’t go 7 days without it. Without AA I couldn’t go 2 months without it. No matter how I tried. Just wanting to scream because I was so frustrated with the insanity I faced from the disease.

The first time I ever drank, I woke up the next morning and drank some more at 9 am. The first time I smoked weed…well that started a 3 year run of being high 24/7 :smile:

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The first post where zilla was talking about having a glass of wine with thai food kind’ve triggered me. And lead me to make this thread to feel better about myself.

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I’m not blaming zilla though…life is a trigger. I just happened to be in the wrong thread at the wrong time. Liquor stores closed now even if I was craving slightly still.

yeah i dont think i have an addictive personality