I converted to

Android. I absolutely love my pixel 2 and at £679 I didn’t even have to fork out £1200 for an iPhone. I’m sold.


apple are doing despicable things, slowing down their phones and the like. i dont think ill buy another apple phone because of this.


I’ve always been on android because they are cheaper and more open. You have to pay money to develop iphone apps, but anyone can develop android apps. I wrote one that is just for my purposes. It is a shame because Apple does seem to care about security and that is nice.

I don’t like that they slowed down the phones without telling people (they say it was to save the battery because the battery was loosing charge too fast). But they are getting in trouble for it, so that is good.


i just hope certain apps i use for school like google drive are available on android. does anyone else know if they are? im not hugely into tech or phones.

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Yup google drive is available on android Gorrister.


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