I contacted Amazon

I realized that since 2009 all of my self-published books have been available or sold from Amazon around the world and I’ve never been paid.

I don’t know why they didn’t pay me. I had assumed that people just weren’t buying them but I mean come on ten years later and I’m now listed as an Author on Google and I’ve never been paid for a single sale?

I contacted amazon attorneys. I also contacted a local family attorney. Hopefully, I can make the case for the copyright infringement, not being paid, not being communicated with, they recently closed my regular account on amazon so I had to make a new one, unfair discrimination. I feel like because I have schizophrenia I get taken advantage of a lot more when it comes to financial discrimination.


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Amazon closed my seller account bcz I didn’t use it for a very long time. It was free but now you need to pay per month to be able to sell.

I started selling on etsy which is an ok format but it’s only for E-BOOKS right now.

And my books are still in stock and being sold. I was never made aware of having to pay for books I already self-published through Lulu and Amazon.

You can check your reports for the number of books sold. Amazon is really good about paying. Just because a book has been there for years doesn’t mean it has sold. That’s not their fault


Where do you check the reports? I guess I’ll find out when they respond.

On your kdp dashboard

Honestly, I think selling books is stupid. I wanted to be a writer when I was growing up, for like five years of my life. Then I graduated high school. In my heart, I just wanted people to read what I was feeling.

I have a self published book on amazon but I went through iuniverse and signed a royalty contract for $700…all sales I get $2 a book sold. If you want to check about your book look at and they can show you where your book is being sold internationally…

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It’s plagiarism until they give me access to my seller data. I got royalties once so I know they sold at least one time and they’ve been up for ten years. Now Lulu doesn’t even have the old system.

THEY ARE NOT ALLOWED. I don’t want my old books being sold anymore.

You don’t understand. I’ve been screwed over so many times by people in these businesses that hide behind a screen; liquidated shares, payments to credit cards erased. I don’t trust technology anymore if they can just erase information/credit.

Sure maybe they are crappy and I didn’t sell that many but I still feel like my rights have been violated. Music producers sue for getting their songs RIPPED illegally. It’s copyright infringement and I am owed royalties but if I can’t access the data and they’re being copied and sold all online I can’t even track it. Someone has been ripping me off.

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