I conquered the mountain, and it was glorious

I live in a sort of valley,

The only way out is up this road with a super steep grade.

Every day I’ve lived here I walk/jog to the foot of the hill and walk back.

Not today, I walked straight up the mountain, no breaks.

It was agonizing, I wanted to turn back because every step burned,

But at each milestone I felt like I could keep going just a little more until I reached the top.

And I did.

I was going to treat myself to a lox bagel at the coffee shop as a reward, but I was all sweaty, sunburned and out of breath.

So, now I’m home, feeling very accomplished,

Wishing I had that freaking bagel…



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good job!

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Have you thought about eating ice cream?

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I always think about eating ice cream.

From deep in the valley
I saw
The glorious mountain
Towering above me
Making me feel
But filling me with
Foot falls towards
The monster
I will conquer
It will belong
To me.
Closer I come
Struggling with each step
Yet sure footed
I climb
Rising higher
Feeling the rocks
Slipping away
With the ground.
Nearing the summit
I stop
Breathe in
Knowing soon
I will
Be the conquerer.
The final step.
I look below
The landscape
So far beneath me.
This is the day.
This is my day.


I hope it’s ok that I wrote this @anon54386108 I wrote it for you


You wrote that?


Woman, that is a beautiful poem.

I’m so impressed!

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You inspired it. It’s about you

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Thank you so much,

I love it!

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I’m so happy you likè it!!

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