I confuse the opposite sexes insecurities with rejection

When I flirt with a girl they will often be caught off guard and go “me?” Idk I’m not a bad looking guy. But their hesitation I confuse with rejection because I am a paranoid schizo…makes it hard to find a relationship because I back off. I need to find a girl as non hesitant to be amicable as I am. I don’t initiate flirting much anymore as a result of the paranoia but when I did it made me paranoid.

Also yesterday there was a rude lady at the grocery store who said “he’s a retard” and I immediately thought she was talking about me. This happens often.

How do I change my thinking?

I think you should apply yourself to the power of positive thought - it reaps unexpected rewards

Kate xxx

I’m not so sure how to deal with your exact problem. If it really is obvious that they’re happy you’re speaking with them, I don’t see what there is to be scared about. It must be your paranoia.

I for one, have the opposite problem. I don’t want a relationship with anyone. Every girl I talk to thinks I’m trying to stick my dick in them though. For this reason I rarely even acknowledge a girls presence when I’m out and about.

If we knew the answer to “How do I change my thinking.” we wouldn’t be mentally ill. Because MI is a disease of the thinker in which we lose control, much as a paralyzed person cannot control his body.

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