I confess: I'm a binge eater

I can’t help myself, I’m about to eat a dozen cupcakes

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Weird thing is I only gained 2 lbs in all of 2015

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When you’re young you can do that and not gain weight. It catches up to you when you get old. If it gets out of hand maybe you should talk to an eating disorders specialist.

Are you on zyprexa?

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I also go through periods of binge eating for maybe a couple of weeks then lose weight on a bike at a gym. It’s a bit of a yo-yo diet I have. Unfortunately most of the tastiest foods are unhealthy when not ate in moderation. :doughnut: :hamburger: :grinning:

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I threw it all up my stomach usually rejects so much sugar

No geodon and abilify

Some people can do that. Some of us just stay at our baseline weight despite all the ■■■■ we do to ourselves.

Over time I have learned what foods I binge on. The hard part, or the trick is not buying them at the grocery store. Once it’s home it’s hopeless unless I get rid of them or buy them in a small container.

Do you ever binge on fruits and veggies? I don’t its always carbs or sweets

One time I binged on prunes and had an unpleasant effect.

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My eating is not normal . . .

Why don’t you have some parsley and a grape with those to make it a healthy meal?

i’m not, i try and eat in moderation but its hard finding the right balance and portion sizes vary from meal to meal (i also hate wasting food) so might eat too much on occasion

I’ve been doing that recently >.<

I went from anorexia/bulimia to compulsive overeater…