I composed a song on piano( exclusive)



loved it Kormo, that was really good :slight_smile: :ok_hand:


Yeah very good Kormo!


So emotive! :clap:


Well done @Kormo :slightly_smiling_face:


Very good mate - i have jim brickman playing often off amazon, i love piano.

@Moonbeam - Sorry to derail - Silly question - love your avatar - is that one of the moomins off the 80’s tv show - its been niggling me lol.


@rogerrob Yes, it’s a moomin.


Beautiful song!


@Moonbeam - Haha yes! Got so many happy childhood memories from that show. Sorry little things and little minds and all that lol :smiley:


@Kormo. How long have you been composing music? This piano piece is very good.


As a child - I always wanted to play the piano. I have the long “piano fingers” as im tall. Sung in a church choir amd always pestered the ChoirMaster to give me piano lessons. Mother could not afford it - £20 an hour! (this was 28 years ago) . I gave up my sundays to sing in all three services (Plus complins and Xmas) when needed - and the stingy ■■■■■■■ wont even give me a free piano lesson.!!!

I sung in that choir for 20 years - going from treble to tenor in the back of the chancel. As well as succeeding in getting a choirgirl pregnant - and her mother was a church warden.

Sorry i digress - and i ramble. But these are the memories i remember.