I color mandalas on my tablet

I am glad wow :grinning: I discovered the mandalas on google play. Its my new activity. I am not good at all i find, but its easier than a book i find. Its all i can do sometimes and its quite good for developping my reasoning :smiley:. So go for it if you want.
Otherwise, it was a day for me without emotions, while yesterday i was better on that. So i guess i suffer but whatever…


I love mandalas…!

I am glad that you found something that works for you!

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They are pretty easy to make and relaxing too

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If i may say Anna, you seem better on 10 mg? That is still a very low dose, some people are on 20 or 30 mg. The meds affect us all differently, one person can be on 30 mg and have no weight gain at all, and I’m on a low dose and put on a lot of weight.

Enjoy your mandala :kissing_heart:

I do it in paper. I don’t like pretty much. I get bored easily making it.

That’s a nice hobby :smiley:
I have some colouring books as well, I find it very relaxing

I love coloring, although I color in children’s coloring books because adult ones stress me out with all of the tiny things I have to color in.

Yeah, its very nice. It makes me think also. Do you knew that the buddhist monks put a lot of time to make a mandala, but after it make, they destroy it immediately to show the temporarity of our nature? Wow…
I made two today, i choose easy ones now too zombiepupper. But in the right moment now, i am “freezed” again. I cant do even this. I can only smoke cause i am quite sad and numbified.
Frings, i still dont dare to say i am better. The evenings are the same, but in the day i am slightly better. But far from feelings which sucks… yeah, i put a lot of weight on small dose too, but i dont move since two decades too. It has its role :smirk: .

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This is awesome @Anna1!
Can you take photos of your art work?

Ok, here it is. This one now seems to me hallucinogenic, psychedelic but it wasn’t my intention. I did it without a mood like I am always wow…
Chess24, all this thing doesn’t really work for me unfortunately, but it could occupy a bit my time, that’s all :slight_smile: .


I am not an artist, people. Far from it. In this illness, the creativity is dead sometimes. But lots of people adviced me to find some occupation and this is better than the coloring books for me :wink: .

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That is really beautiful!

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I try, I try, but I am still not satisfied… :slight_smile:


Anna… its very beautiful and cool!!! Keep it up!

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I like it… good going anna…!!!

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