I clown around but value structure here

I often post art and clown around a bit. This is just where i am in my recovery. I’ve never been popular in most scenes but i hope that folk can relate or even if not find a growing soil from my part here in this forum


You’ve got nothing on me, HuckFinn lol

My obsession with fist-pump humour is testimony to this. All your humor are belong to us!

EDIT: I have to give you credit though, man. Your Stewie Griffin martyrdom humour made me wet myself a few times. I just haven’t mentioned it until now. KUDOS.

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what is the Stewie Martyrdom?

im not sure what youre saying.

oh well. apparently your hot ■■■■ huh?

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I like your input Huck. You are very talented.

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gracias @anon84763962

Ooooh are you talking about the goofy pic i posted @Polymorphed ?

Im sorry i thought you were insulting me… im bad with text at times

I live in Scotland @HuckFinn and I know you have Scottish heritage. Good man. If you ever visit Scotland I would happily show you around.

Ps your music is cool!

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Yeah man, that’s all I meant. No need to apologise!

The only person who thinks I’m hot ■■■■ is my wife … the fool muahahaha

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Not necessarily. Pay no attention to the Webcam light that comes on randomly on your computer. Nothing to worry about, honest.


I’ve really been enjoying your covers – hope you will keep posting them. You brighten my day when I need it.


hahaha I wouldn’t even know if there is a web-cam on this thing. I used to be THE IT guy. Now I’m the “if you ask me to fix your computer again, I will come over and I will throw it though the nearest window” guy. Gosh I hope I don’t become one of those grumpy old bums who mutters and splutters about how everything used to be better in the old days.

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I’m already one of those people :no_mouth:

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Yeah, but do your S sounds whistle yet? That’s the real measure …


I may take you up on that Sir :slight_smile: & Ty Very Much :slight_smile: