I cheated on my ex wife

With a Russian chick. Am I a sinner?

Thats really shitty of you to cheat.


Humans aren’t meant for monogamy.

how is it cheating if she is not your wife anymore?

I think that’s particularly what makes us human actually

Monogamy is a blight on the human race.

I would definitely punch my father if I found out he was cheating on his wife

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Don’t worry she was cheating on me too!

The sex was terrible and she gave me HPV.

In a round about way I helped America out by giving a Russian spy hpv.

If she really was then, you shouldn’t worry. You made the decision to make it right or go separate. You made your mind up. No need to beat your self up

People mess up. It’s our nature. But you don’t seem to have any remorse. If you do feel bad try to forgive yourself.

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Beat myself up? I’m not much for remorse now.

I’m not sure how you can cheat on your ex if you are already divorced.

We are all sinners, my friend. It’s just a matter of degree :wink:

This was when we were married. She said something interesting about Stahlin. I guess a lot of people in Russia actually praise him. They see his destruction as a worthwhile trade off. Shocking!:scream_cat::shushing_face::shushing_face::shushing_face::shushing_face:

I’m thinking she was a spy. I guess y’all will never know.

They thought DT was a real catch.
Wait until I penetrate so deep into the
US gov that there is no going back.

Jk!:white_check_mark: I previously wished I could work for the CIA. :sunglasses::bearded_person:t2::grin:

honestly you seem like you are bragging about it.

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Yes and no… The sex was otherworldly.

This one is. Celebrating 21 years of marriage to my wife tomorrow and I’ve not cheated on her in all this time.


Congratulations :roll_eyes:

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