I cause offesnse by using aggressive tone

Frequently I seem to offend people by using aggressive tone of the voice. The problem is I feel like thats just my natrual way of talking and its not something Im ever aware of until people point it out. Often Im only mildly annoyed and not even angry and yet my friends seem to say I sound very aggressive/pissed off.

Does anyone else get this?
What can I do to change this?


I am like that since having sz.

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This happens to me. I have no volume regulation and shout without realizing it. It helped when my therapist made me pick 3 times a day to work on labelling and recognizing my emotions. Phone is about to die but I can explain the process later if you want.


That would be really useful. I find it really frustrating because its not something Im doing on purpose and I don’t even know when Im doing it.

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So basically, whenever I ate my meals, I had to take like 5 minutes to think:

  • what happened to me today?
  • how would I expect a friend to feel about those things?
  • how might I be feeling?
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I get that a lot. I’m often told I sound more annoyed or angry than I actually am.

As far as I’ve understood, it’s things like sighing before speaking, speaking fast, and sounding like my sentences end with exclamation marks.

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The reason I would do this is because I had a lot of trauma in my life. The only way I survived it all was by detaching entirely from my emotions. I genuinely stopped feeling them. But they never stopped influencing my actions. So I would feel fine, and act super angry. After I practiced figuring out how someone else would feel in my position, I was able to start recognizing the physical sensation of the emotions I was feeling. Now, I don’t struggle as much with this. It still crops up occasionally. Mostly when I am mad at Starlet.

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I have difficulties with this as well. I’m usually okay but i come off as rude or pissy. Its just my usual tone but gets me into trouble sometimes.

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this is all very interesting to me because i always had this trouble too.

i just get over the top angry and i try to hold it inside but it ain’t as hidden as i’d like.

really i hate being angry and pissed off.

can’t entirely get rid of it.


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Even before sz onset I was this way.

So yes, I know what your talking about.

I mean that does happen to me sometimes. But this thread is more about sounding angry even when you aren’t. Sounding aggressive when you’re only a little annoyed.

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