I caught a fish so big it put a hole in the ocean

My late ex-brother-in-law used to rent small boats and take his friends to the Pacific ocean to deep sea fish. He would bring my sisters and he brought me out there two or three times and even my dad. (I knew him for more than twenty years) It was so fun, we fished for salmon and rock cod.

When he rented the boats from a business there would be a guy who had tons of experience fishing that would be hired on board to give tips and help out anybody who needed it. The guy would help put hooks and weights on the line of the fishing pole, he would take us to the best places to fish, he would advise us newcomers how much line to use to get to the deep part of the ocean, he would unsnarl the inevitable tangles on peoples fishing poles and do other useful stuff.

It was so much fun. I was cool about everything that went on my only (common) worry was that I would get seasick. I saw and heard about people getting seasick so I was very careful to avoid it. When you get seasick, you don’t just vomit once or twice, you could be vomiting uncontrollably for an hour and it could wreck your whole trip. But luckily I didn’t get sick because I took Dramamine and I ate plenty of crackers.

But yeah, there would be about 7-9 of us and we always caught the limit. There was always a limit, no one could just catch fish after fish because there are so many people fishing during the fishing season and I guess there was a finite number of fish out there. So I think each person could only catch about 5 or 6 salmon apiece. Same with rock cod. Anyways, fond memories of fishing from long ago.