I cant work!

I was diagnosed with schizophrenia three years ago and I’m 19 now. I got it from doing drugs and kept doing drugs even after I became psychotic, I quit all drugs three months ago and now I’m sober. All my false beliefs and delusions went away however I’m concerned that the progress ends there. I’m afraid it wont get any better. I have a problem… Its either I have no motivation to work or this tired feeling my brain I get from doing drugs is too intense for me to work. I just wanna knoe if it will get better if i continue to stay sober. Every so often I get psychotic again anf something triggers my false beliefs to come back. Will they eventually go away forever or barely come back if I stay sober? Will it get better as I stay sober? My doctor says it will but I’m not so sure… I’m just afraid I will get kicked out of my moms house and end up homeless because I cant take care of my self. I have a little time but I’m afraid I wont get any better. Im not exxaggerating either, working is SOOOOOOO hard for me. I struggle with it so much

Your doctor knows you best. I’d listen to them.

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It should get better for you if you remain sober.
Yes, listen to your doctors @Samuelmcc.

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Quitting the drugs, getting on and sticking with the right medication is what saved me from the false beliefs. It does get better with time

Hi I would recommend that you try sarcosine. It might help you to feel better.

Yes things should get better for you, but it may take a little time. If you think about how much time you spent doing drugs, you’ll have to appreciate why you won’t just get better instantaneously. Stay sober and stick to your medication.

Most likely. I went from being a hopeless case who was addicted to booze, weed, and amphetamines to being successful in the long term. Kind of busy right now, but would be happy to post more on this later.

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