I can't take this anymore

It has been over a MONTH now of this horrific anhedonia. It is absolutely miserable to deal with. I come home and want to play a videogame or watch a show or do literally anything and I try to and it just holds no appeal. All of my hobbies now give me the same excitement as if I was watching paint dry. I can’t focus on them at all. On my days off of work I generally end up sleeping all day because of this because at least I can feel excited in my dreams.

The only things that bring me any pleasure right now are sex, junk food and alcohol. And my fiance isn’t always down for the sex thing so I’ve mainly been heavily leaning on junk food and alcohol because my brain is starved for enjoyment of something.

I emailed my psychiatrist today that the increased dose of rexulti was doing jack all for my mood and I needed some kind of antidepressant.


I hope you get an antidepressant and it works out for you. Be very careful of alcohol. You can become an alcoholic without realising it.


Maybe reduce your stress too. When I was too stressed I felt depressed and was never happy.


My stress has been reduced massively since leaving my old job. I would say my stress levels are average to minimal now. I only work 3 days a week and my new hospital is much less stressful. I work with cute senile old people mostly.

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I’m sorry to hear that @Anna. I hope you will get better soon. At least you have a fiance, I don’t have anybody except my step mother and father. I get sick of hanging out with my father and step mother, so it is different than having a friend.

Well that sucks! Hope you find some way soon. I listen to music. It does not fix everything, but yet it’s something!

Does nature do anything for you? I find I don’t enjoy nature as much but the great outdoors still gives me pleasure.

I mean who doesn’t enjoy the feeling of the warm sun on your skin and a cool breeze? And I always enjoy greenery and the water. And just getting some space feels great.

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First and foremost, quit the booze.
Everything else should fall into place.

I second that @Anna. Relying or depending on alcohol is the first step towards alcoholism. I don’t want to be an alarmist, I’m just saying be mindful of how much you drink and how often. A beer or two or a couple drinks might be OK but just be careful.

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i get that a bit these days. I try to trick myself into having fun

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I know exactly where you are coming from @Anna . I have it bad too. It really sucks to not be able to enjoy the things you use to. I’m bored out of my mind most of the time because of it. The things I enjoy most are food and smoking and either of those in excess is bad for you. Especially when diabetic like me.

Hopefully your med adjustment works for you!

I’ve never had hobbies as an adult. Actually forums have been my hobby. I was on a different one for awhile.

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