I can't take it anymore

I really hate discriminating pricks that doesn’t care to know how to be a friend to me. Especially online gaming. I suffer with schizophrenia, bipolar and depression. I can’t handle mmo games aand destiny on ps4. There always jerks that spews bias everywhere. There’s this one guy telling me that I should get my dick chopped off on destiny 1. That game is indeed a sin. I will not get destiny 2. It’ll be the same ■■■■ that I won’t tolerate anymore. And now I have to think about getting rid of GTA v due to how the game does. A popular game but I shouldn’t play it because I been told not to play those type of games. I love single player more than multiplayer. And I need to limit the amount of people in my friends list. Maybe just not at all since none of then don’t have the disorders that I got. So I been told to join this website to meet the same people that has what I got. I’m 32 and I take Lexapro and Geodon meds.


Is there a way to mute the people you don’t like? Maybe play without a headset?


Hey man I play ps4 too and my nerves are triggered alot by assholes online. That’s why I have a group of friends I get in a party chat with and we sometimes don’t even play the same game. They know I have my issues so I don’t feel alienated by them. If you want to add me just let me know


And i highly recommend games like Ark, watch some videos or streaming of it. We put hours into at night.

It’s a ps4 I have. I even have a closer friend that seems to be doubtful to me because a new guy I met from the closer friend kept pitching a fit at me when I know he does the same ■■■■ on GTA V. Which is glitch in a mission. I seen comments that everyone glitches. Do why throwing complaints at me when it’s the devs fault for putting it there? That’s what I don’t get about online gaming, it’s a careless ride.



This is a safe place to receive and give emotional support.

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Again, welcome !!


It’s just simple. Where are the friends? I been told that there are real friends out there, so I don’t see them.

Hello, we are your new friends. :slight_smile:


They say Ark is too much grinding, and I was tempting to get it. But I platinum’d most single player games. I do have ghost recon wildlands That’s a good game.

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As a gamer I just play the solo stuff. It’s less hassles. I can’t be assed dealing with tools online these days so can relate to your problem.

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Thank you. I wish my original best friend calls me soon. Because I need to talk to him before I lose him. I been so loyal to him. He want me to use his ebay account just to help him get albums there. I support his accounts. A real friend I am. But what do I get back…

Yes that’s what I’m trying to focus more on but sometimes there’s a little multiplayer, a calming multiplayer game to play as well. I’m sure there’s a few out there.

You are so lucky to have a good friend. All I have these days are friendly acquaintances that I hang out with on occasion. But no one really to talk to about my problems but my husband. So that’s one of the reasons I come here.

I hope you work things out with your friend. :slight_smile:

My best friend’s parents know I’m more trusted than any other people he knows but sometimes my best friend don’t get it and quite challenging for a friendship.

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Welcome to the forum @Marcaladious :slight_smile:

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Thank you, Moonbeam.

It’s alot of grind but you can mix up ehat you do. But once I get a base built and dinos I tend to get bored.

My psn id: Contraler

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I tried Ark with my husband. I didn’t like the way you had to hunt through a long list of learned skills to find what you wanted to build. Too time consuming.

They’ve finally upgraded it to a better interface. What games does he play?