I can't take antipsychotics anymore!

Ive currently been slightly unmedicated for about two weeks now (besides vraylar every other day, which doesn’t even do anything) and my voices are still ongoing and distracting. As I am typing this now I’m very distracted by my voices, mostly negative ones. I fear that once I meet my new prescriber in two weeks that she will put me on more antipsychotics again. I DO NOT want to take antipsychotics at all for two reasons. 1: they make me a complete zombie and can never gain the motivation to even brush my teeth or even live my life. And 2: I’ve been on several different antipsychotics, each raised to a high amount, and they do not help at all. I still hear the voices, I still see things at nighttime and they just make me feel like useless trash. My therapist has a saying that I have “good tools in my toolbox”. By that she means, even unmedicated I can still tell what’s real and what’s not. And that’s what antipsychotics are for, so why would I need them when I can already know what’s real and not be zombified. Yes, the negative symptoms still make me feel like a zombie but medication just multiplies that and that’s something I do not want. Am I right or wrong about this? I can manage my voices (even though I get some paranoid delusions now and then) yet I’m still basically a vegetable because I rarely ever leave my room. I know what’s real and what’s not. I’m really hoping I don’t get prescribed any more antipsychotics. I’d honestly rather be completely lost in my own world than deal with being treated with medication that used to be freakin animal tranquilizers. Sorry for the rant but I can’t be the only one that feels this way

I dunno. I have a hard time commenting. Personally, I can’t get to sleep without my meds anymore, so it really isn’t an option for me. I would hesitate to say you shouldn’t take them, because you might wind up having a psychotic episode. You might really lose your mind without them. At least that is what happens to a lot of people who try to go without meds.


Probably not a good idea. Drs are professionals. I think all of us who are sick me included have a veggie lifestyle now because of the brain daseise. You re not alone

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I’m exactly the same. It honestly gets really annoying when people try to push meds on me, all the time, when they only make things so much worse.
I function at my best with a clear head, free from any interferance from any substance or medication, whatsoever.
Sadly I just get told otherwise. Somehow the world thinks it’s better for me to be forced to being a useless zombie, unable to experience or enjoy life, just because my brain works differently than other’s.

I love my meds without them my life would be complete ■■■■.

I agree you should listen to your Dr. I hate taking meds too. They make me tired all day and unmotivated. Having said that, they keep me from having psychotic episodes. Currently, there is no cure. Meds are all we have to manage these illnesses even though it isn’t a perfect solution.