I cant stand liars and cheaters

Found a condom rapper on his bed today. He begged me for days before to go to counseling. He is truly begging crying saying he loves me im his world. Its funny how I found one today and yet again god exposes wolves in sheep clothing. I thank god he showed me who you are again. He dont want to pay child support nor does he want to contribute to taking care of his kids. Wow cant wait to see how his next relatiinship goes with the next girl. I feel sorry for that female honestly it killed me for years not being able to trust him. Now you sit back and watch him do all these things. I wonder how in the world can you feel secure. I know i couldnt being a side chick then turn around to be a wife of a man who you know constantly lies and cheats because your the cheater. Hell no letting him go is my blessing.


The saying is true, once a cheater always a cheater. I hope that you are doing fine.


Yes i am. Im glad didnt waste my time with counseling. Going back to church. He is a really bad person and eventually life will catch up to him. I dont need to do anything to him. I know he isnt happy truly with him self. You cant treat people bad and expect good to come your way. I guess his punishment is losing me and seeing me happy without him.

Since i was treated so badly im going to be alone. Enjoy my babies.

You have several kids with him?

Plenty of fish in the sea and they respect women and will look out for them.

Better now than later… a cheater always has that in them. I find that hard to comprehend sometimes but people are people.

Look out for yourself and your babies! Make the bastardo pay! He needs too!


Yes i do have several kids

Sometimes the best life lesson is life itself. He is a dead beat therefore deadbeats will allways be such.

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