I can't speak English properly or it's a delusion

When someone says “Good for you” I interpret it to mean the exact meaning “Good for you”. Instead of mentally processing it to mean “so you’re stupid too”, which is what I think people really mean.

Is this clang? Or are people actually insulting me in every sentence? Is there a code hidden in rhymes?


Youre being paranoid. I knoe this feeling and its quite scary, are you having an episode?

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I recognise this, it has been like that for me when I’ve been unwell
Are you taking any medication?

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Good for you is one of those phrases that has multiple meanings depending on how it is said.
It can mean “I’m happy for you” but it can also be used as a way to put people down.
You have to read their body language and tone of voice to know which way round it is. I try not to use it as a phrase because I think it can be misinterpreted.

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i have hang ups with saying stuff. myself. like saying put in words were they don’t fit.

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I second @StarCrazy’s response

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im taking meds, but it did go away shortly after I posted this. It’s been happening on and off for a couple of months now

I think I just forgot to take my dose yesterday. Before when it was happening I was on rexulti, which had no relief. But this is the first time it happened since switching to zyprexa 20. since i was splitting my dose, i probably forgot my morning pill. took 2 last night to make up for it, and am good now.

You took 40mg Zyprexa?? Never double your dose even if you forget it.

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No that was just an example. I wasn’t referring to sarcasm. these examples are what i was experiencing…
well that was a mouthful = you should just die i guess
stand up with your back straight = i should punch you in your stupid face

for every sentence spoken = an insult that rhymes somewhat with what was originally spoken.

we might consider a CTO (community treatment order/forced injection) = if you come back here we will Fing kill you.