I cant sleep guys can u help me with ideas

I am just unable to take a nap

Trying for 4 hours my sleep is sinister…how can i fall asleep.

reading is good…it trains the mind and it helps you tire…Saying that, I know how much insomnia can bite…was lifelong till diagnosis and antipsychotics.

Take antipsychotics at night…preferably after a meal. Let it hit your bloodstream whilst your stomach is empty.

Listen to white noise…jam a television betweeen channels and listen to static…or plug in a desk fan and listen to that …it’s a reassuring sound and it helps you sleep…gawd …for years I slept in the middle of winter with a fan blowing seriously into my face for it’s white noise…

A few of my favourite things!


Read the business section of “Time” magazine. That’s worked for me before.

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count billy goats.

1 billy goat 2 billy goats 3 billy goats 4 billy goat 5 billy goat 6 billy goats…

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Can you go for a short walk or sit outside?

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