I can't shake my fear of going to hell help

It’s been 3 months since my voices told me through a song on someone else’s headphones that sounded like it was speaking to me that I’m going to hell. My voices also told me themselves that I lost my soul and I’m going to hell. I’ve spoken to so many people that try to convince me I’m not, but I’m ocd about it now it’s all I think of and fear. Please help if you’ve figured out how to get rid of this fear. I haven’t gotten a therapist yet. I bought an ocd book. I struggle because it’s not just regular ocd I deal with my fears not imaginary it could be very real.


I had the same problem from childhood to about 10 years ago.

What I did was drop all religion completely and began convincing myself it was all fake.

You can’t dwell on those thoughts when they interfere.

You have to let it go and replace it with something like “there is no hell”.

Even if you still think there is.

It’s one of those fake it till you make it type things.

I’m glad you have an OCD book, books like that have helped me a lot in the past.


Antipsychotic medication(s) is/are the only thing that broke my delusions. Do you have a psychiatrist? You need to be honest with them so that they can adjust your meds.

Good luck. :slight_smile:


If this is a real OCD problem, then posting about it makes it worse. With OCD you need to focus on other things. So focus on something else. Focus on something you are not afraid of.


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Not to derail the thread, but is that one of your drawings?

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I do art, but no, that’s Shaun Coss - look him up, his art is outstanding

I’m waiting for another art contest

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I’m scared of hell too. I feel like I deserve it.

No. You deserve love and all good things. Your illness may tell you different but believe me, you are a valuable person who has a right to a good and right life.

You have sz, you’re already in what most people would consider hell.

No intelligent being would punish you further. You have nothing to worry about.

This seems like a religious problem so I’ll have to mention the g word. God would not create something and put it in unbearable pain. At least that’s the conclusion I’ve come to. I would never do that to my creations no matter how bad they hurt me. I feared hell since a very young age. Right now I feel like I’m an unbeliever, but if I was on my deathbed I might worry. Just accept your fear as part of the process.