I can't move

Does anyone else get this? I’ll be laying on my bed or sat on my sofa on my phone. I’ll have things to do but I just can’t seem to get up and do them, even simple things like closing the window.

I think it’s to do with my early childhood trauma where I was conditioned to be extremely inhibited, but I wonder also if it’s a side effect of haloperidol.

Also, my movements are very stiff and awkward.

Every evening i get like you… I have to sit on the couch, just smoking and listening to the radio for some few hours… Its my illness in my case :confused:
But i have a psychosomatic disorder as well, negatives too, this comes from that… Me too i am very inhibited, i was it way worse before even so it affects yeap…
I think that its the illness and we can get better on this though. I try to recover on my mind for that mainly, thats what i do.
All the best, you are not alone on that!

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