I can't let them win


Maybe I really am a jerk. I didn’t think I was one but all my neighbors treat me like one. It’s hard to maintain my own self-respect when I have people surrounding me being disrespectful and laughing at me. I think highly of myself usually in lots of situations and I feel I’ve proven myself in many ways though I admit I’ve failed in some tests. Am I crazy for thinking semi-highly of myself when others don’t?

Naw, they’re the jerks, not me. I gotta win.


Nah it’s great that u hav confidence. Don’t let people’s judgements get u down


No, you’re not crazy. I admire that you can think highly of yourself, it’s hard for me sometimes.

You’re right, they’re the jerks!


If you’re outnumbered you’re outgunned. I’d just keep my distance from nasty neighbours if possible.


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