I can't help how I feel spiritually?

I do believe in hell as much as I believe in Heaven I believe everyone goes to Heaven anyways except those who are a sworn enemy…from now on go ahead and praise the Potato. I won’t bombard anyone else ever again I promise…I apologize.


How did a silly potato thread end so poorly?? :sob::sob:

im sorry too jukebox… I respect your beliefs and your god… it takes 2 to argue and I was half of it… I value you as person and enjoy reading your posts… im sorry…


I’m the one who should be sorry. I am “touchy” about God and got bent out of shape. I understand now that no one else understands about what I think? that’s why I am going to be quiet about my God from now on. There are enough babbling christians around to draw man away from Jesus. a lot of bad christians out there and that’s why making fun of a potato God is so funny to you guys because it all seems like folly. I just initally took it to hurt my feelings so I lashed out . I have to catch my temper on here.

I’m a sworn enemy.

Murtaugh: "God hate me, that’s what it is."
Riggs: “Hate 'im back, it works for me.”

~ Lethal Weapon (1987)


oh brother…I am sorry to hear that @ozymandias

you probably consider me a sworn enemy I am Buddhist

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no @cbbrown you aren’t a sworn enemy…not unless you say you are. I believe everyone goes to Heaven these days if they believe in God. many have been led astray.

Above is a child with progeria. They have horrible, short lives. I consider any being that would inflict such suffering on an innocent child to be evil, and worthy of nothing but scorn and contempt. I find your ‘faith’ offensive.

My 2 cents. Leaving this topic along moving forward.


God loves us…it’s the devil that brings disease and bad things on this earth…the devil has power on earth right now…I am sorry I offended you.

jukebox, I am reading a book I think you would like. It’s called “The Brothers Karamazov” by Fyodor Dostoyevsky. It has a strongly spiritual theme.

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:peace: out!