I cant go without it

I thought id make it through xmas at home without drinking but that lasted a day. I guess its my alcoholism or whatever. What does it matter anyway. None of this matters


bah exposure… alcohol is a hard one to escape.

seriously they tried to prohibit it… might call it the only civil victory we’ve ever had

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Drinking was kinda odd for me, it just faded away, disliked it more every year. I drank more than my share when young, quit for a year at around age 25 or so then drank again after but much less and every year after less till I just did not want it anymore. No idea why though

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I used to use alcohol to deal with symptoms at different times in my life.
It never works too well and can cause more problems.
Better to use meds to deal with reality instead of trying to escape with the drug alcohol.

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It’s not impossible to stop drinking.

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It matters because its your life. I’m not criticizing you but your life might matter to you more if you stopped drinking.


holidays are quite pressuring, I presume, because I think it’s cultural to drink alcohol during those times. If anything, a man can plan ahead and say that he will have a small drink on those holidays. but after the holidays, he will agree to continue being sober…

I really don’t know how good that plan would be though, because I’ve not had an addiction to alcohol before.

Azley knows his stuff, eh? :sunglasses:

I like men who know their American history. :wink: :dark_sunglasses:

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I stopped drinking 6 years ago. It’s been good for my sz. One of the reasons I never went back or don’t even drink at all is that I can tell you. I quit and you can do it also.

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Ur right it might. But ive tried AA ive tried just about everything even that horrible antebuse and even sober i just feel alone and scared. I feel helpless at this point