I can't get to sleep even i am tired

Today is one of the first days without alcohol after awhile (2 to 3 months). I took myself out of my misery again and got a boost of confidence. I done a terrible mistake last year and took out a loan. I mentioned recently its paid off, but i have other debt as well. I am so happy i can get a computer soon to do writing and than i can get myself some proper shoes. For years i walk in thongs. The tabbacco issue is still not sorted out, but i don’t freak anymore so badly when they are no cigarettes in reach. You comment something like well done @anon1392956, or you can be proud of yourself, or you deserve a brownie point, or a reason to celebrate :champagne:.


Yeah well done going with out alcohol.

I have chronic insomnia.it sucks!

I had a period a few months back where I wanted to drink alcohol during the day but thankfully I got over it.

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@anon53623539 nice work!!! Keep going youve got this!!!


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