I can't fit into my Halloween costume! :(

Guys for real I think I make an excellent dark lord lol :joy:


I’m so far behind, what is a dark lord?

The most recent Star Wars is not on VHS? :smile:


Hope it comes out soon :stuck_out_tongue:

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Maybe @RowanAmethyst can give you some suggestions. I think she posted at one point about designing and sewing custom clothing.

That’d be much appreciated!!

Basically the big deal with this costume is just that I look like the actor who actually plays the character lol

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is that you or the actor in the picture?

It’s her! I’m so into this costume, I can’t let go of it!

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That’s me in the picture. And this is the actor

Thank you!!! I actually had a couple celebrity guests at the convention get really excited by it and I got second place in the costume contest


Who won first place? I’m curious

This girl who literally painted the pattern onto her fabric lol afterward the judges were talking to everyone and I mentioned that I felt stupid for forgetting to tell them that I pleated the sleeves and under tunic myself and they said I should feel stupid because if I had remembered to tell them that I probably would’ve won lol

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This is the girl who won. Mad props to her for painting that flower pattern onto the fabric though. She deserved the trophy. I actually told her she was gonna win before the contest even started lol


Yeaah it’s awesome too!! Did she sew the costume herself? It’s beautiful

She literally did ever stitch of that thing herself. I’m jealous lol

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Oh man!! Yeah, it’s pretty awesome :slight_smile:

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A friend of mine went as a nun when she was fully pregnant. That was a funny costume. You probably aren’t showing that much yet though.

I can’t help with alterations, but I’d just like to say, as a star wars fan, that’s the coolest thing I’ve seen in ages. Well done PrincessKenny!

That would actually be hysterical! I’m not that big though. Unfortunately I’m at that stage where I’ve gotten bigger but don’t really look pregnant I just look like I’ve been hitting the ice cream too much