I can't fit into my Halloween costume! :(

So I made a Kylo Ren costume from scratch for a convention this summer. I spent over 100 hours and $1000 to make the costume, and I was gonna wear it to several Halloween parties I’m going to over the next few days. Well I tried to put it on just now and I could barely even zip it up and the belt won’t even close. I don’t know what I’m gonna do! Obviously I can’t wear my costume if I can’t even put it on, but all the Halloween stores are sold out of their good costumes and I don’t know what I’m gonna wear to these parties. Anyone have any really super easy costume ideas that I can throw together and still make it look like I put some effort into it?

Can you somehow extend the belt? Sorry to see a good costume go to waste!

Wow thats a big effort, don’t know much about sewing so I imagine alterations would take a long time. I googled it look very cool, Not sure of your tastes what are some of the things you might consider?

I could but I’m more concerned that I’ll break the zipper if I have to bend over or anything like that

Anything at this point! And thanks I can post a pic of the one I made

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Is the zipper in front or back?

Kylo Ren doens’t bend!!! :smile: Sorry.

Can you adjust the outfit in any way? Maybe add a little more on the sides, so you can fit? Add an extra hole on the belt ?

This is me in my costume at the convention over the summer


It’s in the front.

Nice, very detailed, I guess it would be hard to alter

Unfortunately the fabric is such a loose weave that if I try to rip out the seam and let it out a bit, the fabric will fall apart at its edges

Extremely. It was hard enough to get the fabric to hold together initially. It’s a very loose knit fabric

Can you show me a shot of what it looks like? Seems like you might be able to add a panel of fabric in there to give you more room.

I’m sorry, that costume is so amazing, I am 100% on the side of altering it to fit you.

Thank you :slight_smile: and it’s that seam down the front that you see in the picture up there :point_up_2:t2:It’s an invisible zipper which is even harder to work with

I see… Tough situation!! The costume is awesome, congrats really.

Can you wip up a new costume from stuff you have at home? I know, bad choice, but I wouldn’t want to risk ruining this costume either.

Thank you :slight_smile: I’m glad my effort paid off. And I have a couple older cosplays I could throw back together. I have a couple costumes I did from my favorite anime. I just hope they still fit well too (I wear a lot of fitted costumes)

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I think you were right with your first instinct - don’t bend! Ben Solo is so uptight, he wouldn’t be seen bending over.


:smile: Yeah, bending not an option. Or you can go as Bender. Oh lame joke moment of the day

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The clunky costume might be a good choice though lol there’s certainly enough room in there for me to fit

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You can even store root beers in your belly :smile: Alright, enough lame jokes for today

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