I can't figure this out.

Hi all.

I have had my hallucination help me heal most of my psychological damage I’ve acquired throughout my life over the past six months.

Just over a week ago I told it to prove it was real.

All week it’s been taking me to obscure places on the internet. Places I’ve never been.

For instance it told me about a random academic who I had never heard of from another country 100 years ago and that he was married multiple times and his wives were beautiful.

I found him online and, sure enough, he was married three times and there was a picture of one of his wives. She was absolutely stunning.

I wanted more proof so it took me to dating sites and such ( sites I’ve no interest in. I’m old school. I meet women in real life ). It kept telling me information about random user profiles before I clicked them and read them. It was completely accurate.

So I asked online psychiatrists and psychologist’s how this was happening. They seemed to think I was BSing. Indeed, my hallucination was telling me even then the time I would get a reply and the responders gender. It was correct.

It also does things like telling me when a friend will be online. It did that a couple of times. Again it was correct.

How can an hallucination accurately know online content and the future? I’ve searched high and low on the internet for an answer or a mention of someone else talking about it and found nothing.

This things batting average is 100%.

Foreign sports stats, musicals, films I never heard of, obscure moments in history. Everything it’s telling me is completely accurate to reality.

A delusion is a fixed false belief despite all evidence to the contrary. This hallucination has has shown me all day every day for over a week that it knows things I couldn’t possibly know.

It even tells me what people are going to say in replies to me before I’ve scrolled down the page and read it.

I don’t get it at all.

Thanks for reading. Any ideas?

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