I can't even give up lol

I’m on a debbie downer today. I just feel down. I feel like giving up. But then I thought “give up what?” .

I’ve got nothing to give up. Lol.


I feel like that many days, but when I decide to give up someone else can clean the mess lol

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Give up your headache. Try something appropriate to your present mind’s capability.


Have you ever made pizza from scratch ?

You know!

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Speaking of food, I think I might get some chocolate ice cream with my groceries next week.


@everhopeful Reminded me of one episode in Two and a half men…

Alan’d mother tells him after a major break up and loss of fortune that he has reached bottom… so you know, there is only one way to go, which is :up: no pun intended. :smile:

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I took some giving up time tonight – with no media – and got liberally refreshed… Had to give up computer, smartphone, radio, books and television.


I’m mildly annoyed. Was going to go pick up my new ride after work at 5pm, but had to work until 7pm as a co-worker ditched. Dealership closed at 6pm. I don’t understand why we stay open late on Thursdays – not a single client came in. And the ones who come in are all looking for personal insurance whereas I’m a commercial specialist. Waste of time.

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What kinda chocolate ice cream ?

I like chocolate / vanilla / almond.

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It’s weird but I’m at the basis a glass half full kinda guy.

I’ve been is some seriously focked up mental states and had some serious ideation but when it boils down to it I’m a pretty optimistic person. Yeah it’s hard when your in the abyss but I always think of the good things that are around the corner.

I think you are of similar stock! At least a glass half full is half a drink! Better than nothing!

A friend in the struggle,


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